Collision Avoidance Systems Add Safety Features for Drivers

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Collision Avoidance Systems Add Safety Features for Drivers

According to a special investigation report released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), rear-end crashes killed 1,700 people in 2012 and injured over 500,000. The NTSB believes that standard Collision Avoidance  Systems (CAS) could have substantially lowered this figure. A CAS is generally composed of two parts: a collision warning that alerts a driver of an impending obstacle, and an autonomous braking system that automatically applies the brakes in an emergency. Though some fleets may delay the rollout of CAS due to the rapid advancement of technology and the desire to wait for a “perfect” system, the NTSB strongly encourages commercial vehicle fleet owners to consider transitioning their fleets to vehicles equipped with CAS.

Hands-free Devices Still Unsafe

Everyone knows that using a mobile device while driving is dangerous, but new data suggests that using a handsfree accessory may be just as distracting.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 80 percent of drivers believe that using a hands-free accessory for their mobile devices will make them safer drivers. However, the NSC conducted over two dozen studies that found that using a handsfree device is just as dangerous as using a hands-on device. Always encourage drivers to refrain from using mobile devices or to pull to the side of the road if their use is absolutely necessary.

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