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CSA Red Flag Violations

Know what they are and avoid them

When investigating a motor carrier, a Safety Investigator (SI) looks at driver history for egregious violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). These violations are sometimes referred to as Red Flag Violations and are always reviewed as part of a carrier investigation.

At present, there are 12 such violations, which are outlined in the accompanying table along with the Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) to which they correspond.

Basic – FMCSA Violation – Description

Driver Fitness – 383.21 – Operating a CMV with more than one driver’s license

Driver Fitness – 383.23(a)(2) – Operating a CMV without a valid CDL

Driver Fitness – 383.51(a) – Driving a CMV while disqualified

Driver Fitness – 383.91(a) – Operating a CMV with improper CDL group

Driver Fitness – 391.11 – Unqualified driver

Driver Fitness – 391.11(b)(5) – Driver lacking valid license for type of vehicle operated

Driver Fitness – 391.11(b)(7) – Driver disqualified from operating a CMV

Driver Fitness – 391.15(a) – Driving a CMV while disqualified

Drug/Alcohol – 392.4(a) – Driver uses or is in possession of drugs

Drug/Alcohol – 392.5(a) – Possession/use/under the influence of alcohol less then 4 hours prior to duty

Fatigued Driving – 395.13(d) – Driving after being declared out-of-service

Vehicle Maintenance – 396.9(c)(2) –  Operating an OOS vehicle

The FMCSA keeps a closer eye on drivers who have been cited for these violations and the carriers that hire them. If you are cited for a Red Flag Violation, address it immediately.

Uncorrected driver violations may result in a driver Notice of Violation or Notice of Claim..

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