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Hand Tool Safety for Agricultural Workers

Hand tools can be a big help in agricultural jobs. However, these tools can also present hazards if they are not used properly or if agricultural workers do not take the necessary precautions to protect against injuries.

Keep Safety in Mind – Always Use The Proper Tool For The Job At Hand, and Examine Each Tool For Damage Before Use.

Remember these tips to stay safe while working with hand tools:

  • Always wear the appropriate eye protection when using hand tools. Safety glasses should have the Z87.1 logo to indicate that they are industrial quality.
  • Do not wear loose or baggy clothing that can get caught in your tools. To protect against burns, wear coveralls, high-top shoes, leather aprons and leather gloves. When working with heavy metals, wear hard-toed boots with non-skid soles.
  • Do not wear jewelry that could get caught in moving parts of tools.
  • Pull long hair back to eliminate the risk of it getting caught in hand tools.
  • Watch your fingers when using tools to avoid getting them caught in moving parts or striking them with items such as hammers.
  • Avoid horseplay or talking excessively with co-workers. These actions can cause you or someone else to become distracted, which can result in serious injuries.
  • Keep your work area and your tools clean at all times. Dirty, greasy and oily tools and floors can cause accidents.
  • Clean up spills and scraps on the floor immediately, and make sure that your tools are always tidy.
  • Always use the proper tool for the job at hand.
  • Make sure that edge-cutting tools remain sharp. Tools with dull edges are dangerous to operate because you must apply excessive pressure to make them cut.
  • Before using a cutting tool, remove nails or other objects that may destroy the tool’s cutting edge.
  • Carry sharp-edge tools and chisels with the cutting edge downward. Store these items with the sharp edges down as well.
  • Examine each tool for damage before use. Do not attempt to use damaged tools; instead, alert your supervisor that they need repair.
  • Hold hand tools securely so that they do not slip out of your hand and hit another worker.

Stay safe on the job when using hand tools. Abide by these useful recommendations to prevent injuries from occurring.

For more Agriculture Safety Tips, click HERE or contact a SW Risk Agribusiness Specialist today at 1-866-924-7976 (SWRM).

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