6 Steps to Get Prepared for Severe Weather

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6 Steps to Get Prepared for Severe Weather

Are you ready for what Mother Nature can do? Recent history has reminded us that anything can happen, so don’t get caught off guard! Take these six steps to ensure you’re prepared should disaster strike:

  • Update Your Home Inventory — Document your valuables by taking pictures or using a video camera to record them. Another option is to use the Know Your Stuff Home Inventory app from the Insurance Information Institute.
  • Have Insurance Details Handy — Gather all of your insurance documents and store them in a safe place. It’s also a good idea to scan and upload them to a cloud storage account in case original documents are destroyed in a disaster.
  • Prepare an Emergency Kit — Review your emergency preparedness kit to ensure you have the necessary food, water and supplies for a minimum of 72 hours. Remember, it could take emergency workers days to get to you, so be ready.
  • Practice Your Emergency Plan — Review your emergency plan as a family. Discuss what you want your kids to do if they can’t get home safely, where to go if you become separated, and how to stay safe in an emergency.
  • Keep Up With Maintenance and Repairs — Don’t neglect basic home repairs that could become weak links in a storm. Also be sure to eliminate potential hazards that could damage your home in a storm, such as dead branches or trees.
  • Take Necessary Precautions During a Storm — Tune in to local radio and television stations for important weather alerts or sign up to get them on your smartphone. If you’re expecting a storm, pick a safe area away from windows and doors to ride it out.

For more safety tips and information visit PERSONAL INSURANCE of contact a SW Risk Insurance Specialist at 1-866-924-7976 (SWRM).

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