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There were 4,383 fatalities from work-related injuries in 2012. While this number has decreased over the past decade, it’s still important that you practice safety on the job—your life depends on it.

Injuries can cost money, time and so much more. That’s why it is always wiser to spend a bit more time doing the job safely than to risk getting a serious injury.

To ensure workplace safety, it takes a team: both  and our workers are responsible for a maintaining a safe work environment.

The Company’s Safety Role

Our goal is to provide a workplace free from serious recognizable hazards. That’s why we have established a safety program that all employees are required to follow.

Your Safety Role

As an employee, you are responsible for:

  • Following all safety rules
  • Wearing all required safety gear and equipment
  • Following all safe practices for your specific job
  • Staying alert for unsafe conditions.

If you believe that your workplace is unsafe, bring the hazard to your supervisor’s attention as soon as possible.

INJURED AT WORK? Learn  More about Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation benefits are a form of insurance that is available to employees who suffer an on-the-job injury or illness. If a physician recommends that an employee must take time away from work to recover, then the employee will be reimbursed for lost wages and medical expenses relating to treatment and rehabilitation. The wage reimbursement is typically a percentage of the regular wages earned by the employee.

If you have an on-the-job injury or illness:

  • Notify your supervisor to fill out a report.
  • Seek medical attention to determine your treatment options and the amount of time away from work. Benefits will be paid at a weekly rate specified by the state in which the accident occurred.
  • You may be required to take an Independent Medical Exam conducted by a medical professional other than your treating physician. This is done so insurance carriers and employers can confirm the original diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Once you, your employer and your treating physician determine that you can get back to a transitional or regular position, normal duties will resume.

For more information visit WORKERS COMPENSATION or call a SW Risk Insurance Specialist at 1-866-924-7976 (SWRM).

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